LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Rain Drops

Going through the cycle,
And going with the flow.
What will I do next?
Which way should I go?
Floating in the sky,
Cold, wet and round.
When will I fall hard,
And hit the familiar ground?
I want to fall down,
And soak into the earth.
So I can help out,
And for roots, I will search.
On this flourishing earth,
I will make things grow.
I will help nature out,
Everyone shall know.
I want to make grass green,
And make trees taller.
I want to make the earth beautiful,
I want to make it alter.
I know I am needed,
But I need more.
I want to fall down.
I will Make myself pour.
RIght now I am falling,
Everywhere and on everything.
My wish has come true,
The heavens, please sing.
I am a raindrop,
I am wet and cold.
I am a rain drop,
That will never grow old.
I just hit the ground,
My life has just begun,
I will write everything down,
Until my journey is done.

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