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Rain Drops!
(1989 / Tehran-Iran)

Rain Drops!

How good is it being in rain, when you're literally going insane!
It drops and washes away your pain
You think your life is going to wane!

just like the rain, Just like the rain
So it: drops and drops and drops

You cant notice if its the tear or the rain
The rain is falling down the sky, you and the clouds are in a deep cry

you only wish to just fly..You go through the sky
cry and cry!

One tear of you, thousands of who? !
the clouds! The rain! drops down, it drops!

Hello little cloud! , you cry to it aloud..

whats this all about? ! I give one tear, you give more out!

the pain must be so deep so deep!
that made you like this, so weak so weak!

sleep little one, Just go asleep!

The sound of drops They all just stops!

no more, no sound, no rain, no doubt!

again I'm alone with my pain that I own!
no drops, no drops, no drops on that zone!

My tear.. My pain.. Its me again!
I'm back with you! I'm back again!

Lets cry again..Just like the rain!
So loud.. So deep.. So Sad.. now Sleep!

(Soha Bayat Kheradmand)

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Comments (3)

'Lets cry again..Just like the rain! So loud.. So deep.. So Sad.. now Sleep! ' wel written.
High five on this one. Literally stunning. I think you're bound to be a big time poet, that's for damn sure. Thanks for sharing. All the best, Mohammad
there is something good about this rain drops.. i like rain from clouds.. not from tears.. good write. Rema