I Am A Drop... With The Dedication For My Friend T. (S)

I am looking at the photo of the man
and I can see your young face
is sad, or perhaps
only thoughtful?

where the smile
and sparks in the eyes, which
shot in known,
and unknown directions?

whether you rushed, into the whirlpool,
of the 'novelty', assuring yourself,
that always...and everywhere....
that it only to less did ache?

you... somebody?
it always aches, of what
we don't know, or we aren't able
to understand, that moment

it isn't counting so much,
as the time, known well for us
and the one, which it is possible to have...
only for itself... friend.

in memories, never
I won't be a dark stain.
I am the clean drop
needed for the life.

never mind... that not for everyone...

by Dagmara Anna AuraDagimar

Comments (6)

(Rain falling from above... Rain falling for my love) : .A very good poem of rain
Good poetry
that poem was excelllent, and spectacular, i loved it
really touching, and has lots of feeling. i love it! (i almost cried) , it's very beautiful!
I really liked this poem. It's very heart felt.
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