Rain Forest Blues - And Greens

Artistic beauty
A silver arrow shoots
Swiftly and silently across
The stillness of a moonlit lake
As another fish peeps out
At a sleeping world

Dazzling entertainment
The celestial magician waves his wand
Across the heavens
Sprinkling stardust which sparkles
Falling against black velvet
Upon a sleeping world

Dramatic tragedy
Another colossus is brought to his knees
Dismembered unmercifully
His domain laid waste
Under the cut and thrust of those
Who, from beneath a cloak of decency
Rape the land for selfish fulfillment
Amidst a sleeping world

by Bob Oldfield

Comments (4)

Bob, Wow I like this poem nicely penned
You pen beauty and rage in equal measure in this provocative piece about deforestation and denial. A finely composed rant that sings its message in a minor key. love, Allie xxxx
Such truth and beauty weaved through this poem from beginning to end...Bob you did a great job with your imagery and overall it is just a well written piece of poetry! Thanx for sharing and keep up the great work. =Shelley=
a very good journey through the rain forest...the blues and greens..and the exploitation of nature..very good poem