The World We Live In.

Have we all forgotten?
Have we all died?
Have we all every try?
to remember we are human?

Did we forget?
Did we stop?
or did we just lost?
to the battle of greed?

Would you kill?
Would you die?
Would you belittle yourself?
to earn some cash?

Would you show your weakness?
and remove your dignity?
or hide your moral?
to be someone's lamb?

Oh, the world is dead.
Oh, it's hard not to.
Oh, let's just all go.
Where no men been before.

Oh, let's burn the sky.
Oh, lets burn the sea.
Oh, let's just all go.
Where no men been before.

by Charles Murlock Beddington

Comments (2)

Mr shepard I enjoyed reading yo poem, keep writing
Mike, this is excellent. The wonderful bringing together of metaphors to create the One. The meaning, at first, seems clear, but there is more to this than just another piece about the Third World (is it still called that?) . This says, for me that the lack of clarity, that dominates within today's intellectuals, is as great a catastrophe. As a poem, it is well paced to avoid the hysteria of what passes mostly for today. But niether is it mawkish and patronising. It seems that the only thing the West has to offer the third World is its charity. No that is paucity! You have said so much within a few lines. You know that that is the sign of a great poem. Each word must stand or fall of its own accord. I have found that your work has become daring (that is not meant to be sarcastic; far from it) . Whilst introspective in approaching the outer world you have taken on a very delicate approach. It reminds me of the Sonnets that you wrote when I first came onto the site. I think it puts you beyound the tag of 'craftsman'. A man can easily master a craft, but only an artist can employ it.