Rain On Me

Rain on me

Want to be as I was
-Go with me, hurry up

I take off pants and shirt
-I feel, ‘must strip'

Will soon be wet; wrinkled
-looking like birth-moment

Follow me, come with me.

Overheard the weather
-storm is on its way

Put on some white dress
-loose better, silk, cotton

We can walk in, through
-rain, storm and shower

Want the sense of whipping
-of drops everywhere, on skin

Want to be all naked
-soaked and choked by water
-wetness is fun and joy
-inside womb to our birth
-why not have once again?

But of you…
-be goddess, Mithra, Sun
-be Nahid and Venus
-Aphrodite as is a nymph,

Expose shape, your body
-inside your wet cover
-your nipples like flames
-your breasts, oranges
-chocolate areolas
-let me see every part
-to the midst; between thighs

by Nassy Fesharaki

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