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Rain On My Window

I hear thunder in the distance
the sky turns darker black
a smile forms upon my lips
the rain is coming back

I walk to my balcony door
a cool breeze washes through
its refreshing and cleansing
I can taste the alluring dew

The rain spatters on my roof
lightining flashes in the sky
goosebumps erupt on my skin
and my body relaxes with a sigh

Splashing in puddles
making all things wet
catching rain on my tongue
its something I won't regret

I see rain on my window
as I stroll back inside
why are so many afriad
they avoid this and hide

The rain ends quickly
lightining and thunder ensue
this night would only be better
if I could have shared it with you

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hey..........great words Evan...........I was feeling the rain wen I read this........