RAM ( / Corona, California, USA)

Rain On The City

Bedroom shade eyelids part
To tearful, glassy corneas
Antiseptically backwashed
O'er the city's retina.
Teek 'n tock, tock 'n teek,
Atonal splash, metronomic beat:
Musty, woodsy rain smell
Inhabits this smaller world. Lonely mind-sets flicker by,
Hurried and tense;
Dwarfed by gaunt, concreted spire heads
Mocking with belligerence. Pulsating skin of a breathing sea;
As a buckshotted crocodile.
Corneal aqueous humor,
Tympanic with earshot repartee
Of foghorn sentries challenging
The proudly bellowing announcements
Of ocean liners cutting the water.

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