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Rain Outside, Inside
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

Rain Outside, Inside

Like a mad fire
through rain drenched skin
Spreading with thousands hands
Feeling, absorbing, caressing the -
heights and shallows
mounds and valleys
The eternity pouring, within
the pinnacle of thirst
longing to taste
longing to feel
The dark secrets

A book open
lazy eyes reading
pages after pages
layers of clothes
waking up wisdom
enthralling suspense
fingers hurrying to
turn them rapidly
Story untold and unfold
maintained technique
dry mouth and throat
shimmer of eyes

Hunger of a fugitive
given up table manners
his teeth everywhere
marking their trails
his fingers in motion
torn table cloths
visible white skin
he bury his face
against the secret flow
He shivers
touching the place of union
swallowing him, again and again
his stubborn reluctance
failing to accept his lost self
he bury himself
deeper and deeper

one dark nipple held between his lips
he races against her moans
A rain is forming somewhere
outside their windows
Jasmins turn away their faces
embarrassed by the cooing love

she wraps her legs around his neck
inviting him to feast on her tropical flows
she wraps her arms around his neck
her legs dragging him closer
taking his desert rain
pouring deeper inside

rain outside, inside

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