Rain Shower

The sun is no more, as the clouds start to show;
The heat gets cut, when the water starts to pour;
The dark hard ground is hard no more,
With the magical water seeping into its pores;
The trees are fresh and are very bright now,
With the sky water washing them inside out;

As I walk between the river and rail lines,
I can see little frogs kiss in no sunshine;
My ears can hear what my heart has to say,
That I must get drenched...Right away;
So wasting no time I jump inside
And get all wet like the water all around.
I count the raindrops that are falling on me,
But fail to keep up, as they are so many..

Water, oh! Water, I like to play with you
As you are with me and please always do..
Oh! It’s all so lovely, so beautiful and so tranquil
Feels like I’m floating in the heavens so peaceful.

I feel a change, a change in me
As my heart lies overpowered, with this wondrous rain shower
I hear a strong voice, the voice of rains
And I know instantly that I am not solitary again

by shruti modi

Comments (13)

A poem with beautiful imageries and your have come up with a good piece showing your inside love for natural scenic and elegancies........wonderful........and rain is indeed a very attractive description which has always been worth reading..........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
life is a celebration; defined! lovely written shruti!
i have read many poems over the years and i recommen this one as one of the best.
Beautifully written, rain is such a good subject to write about.Excellent poem. Phebe
Beautiful poem I love the rain myself. You are very talented.
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