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Rain - You Make Me Reborn
VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Rain - You Make Me Reborn

Those mounded murky clouds, which move with frenzy breeze
Enlighten me on your influx, your shower on my desiccate soul
Aroused to get drenched in the drops, which melts my freeze
Aids to roll down my tears without letting anyone know its pool

The first dropp of you on the earth makes my heart hop
With an aspiration of meeting my cherished pal
I never need any acquiescence to greet you in unwrap
I need no arms to be in your enfold to get into tranquil

I stand facing your cascade that slake my zeal for adore
Seldom bending to see my anguish getting banished
You begin with sprinkle and turn into down pour
I sense that rhythm and the music in me gets pulsed

My creative thoughts wait for your gentle but firm touch
Sensation of being wet by you unfolds my veiled yearn
Covering me in full you whisper that you know me inch by inch
You nourish me with nectar and that makes me reborn

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