Clapping sounds come and go
And my heart beats faster and faster,
Waiting for someone who fills joy in my eyes
A bright light emerges winking to me.
And when I turn around,
I see the ribbon of colors singing a song which brings
Love in my mind…….
Love in my eyes,
Love in every pore of the body.
The pleasant song gets mixed and churned with
The melodious song of the droplets,
Bring a lullaby into my ears.
Fifty nights I’ve to awake,
Yes, fifty nights,
I feel the love day and night.
Fifty monsoons are over!
Still, the rainbow has never left me alone.
Never left me alone, never left me alone………….


Mananthavady, Kerala, India


by Katha Kalia

Comments (3)

A sublime start with a nice poem, Katha. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Your rainbow poem is lovely, keep it coming. God bless you
Beautiful poem, Katha. Thanks for sharing