A Place That Rekindles A Sad Memory

The deep, deep emptiness of solitude
That drives one to a melancholy mood
I stand here on green bank of riverside
With thoughts on recent victim of suicide.

A month ago on evening bright and cool
He came here to this deep dark river pool
And jumped in knowing well he couldn't swim
And not a soul around to rescue him.

He'd lost the will to live he chose to die
In this lone place far from the public eye
Depressive mood cruel form of mental pain
For one so young had proved too much a strain.

Due to his crave for heroin and cocaine
He'd brought upon himself unwanted shame
And a life of crime the man was forced to lead
And from others he stole for to satisfy his need.

I knew him well which makes it all more sad,
He was good type in him there was no bad
But far too many perverse types at large nowaday
And drug pusher sent him going the wrong way.

A broken hearted widow still in tears
For her only son who died aged twenty years
But though heavy be the burden of her cross
The passing of time will ease her pain of loss.

by Francis Duggan

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