Rainbow Tear Drops

new season...spring and your gone,

its crazy how one minute your here and then your gone,

what the hell did i do wrong tell me,

colorful moments sumed up in a rain drop,

one kiss from you makes my heart stop,

flat line on that ekg is how you left me,

it was suppose to be illy u n me,

a wisk of purple details my loyalty,

the color green is how they envied me...

we were incepreable,
red and black were our colors that matched,

our passion was a blasing orange down to the exact match,

baby blue is the color i cry n the shed i relflect on my skin since u walked away in left,

steaming red was my fuse when u got me upset,

pink was the color of roses that u brought on our first day,

i wish you were here to take all the pain and missury away,

yellow is the color of friendship u used frequently,

black stains were left on my soul and beauty is what u took from me,

blobs of gray were tanted on me eyes cuz thats all i see,
rainbows tears are whats left inside of me

by skyy downing

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Loved your ink. Beautiful write.