Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

Fabrics are stacked and drape my arty shelves with flair;
Rainbow visions displayed as a royal wardrobe there.
I even have futuristic visions~ as a survivalist very soon.
I’ll be prepared for anything, even the light of the moon.

Spiritually, I’ve influenced thousands, but I feel so lacking.
Yet my friend, and I, dealt with past Strongholds a tracking.
Geographically I’ve passed my kin, with each circumference.
Totally surrendering my ALL from sidetracks of encumbrance.

Romantically; I was an only child growing without guidance;
Secure in God’s hands, His choice with a Mate’s conveyance.
Financially I’m set, content, as any woman of wealth may be.
The world’s my Rainbow-oyster when Lov merges for destiny.

Comments about Sheldon

Reading your poem makes one comprehend your world - in one flash, which bespeaks the insightful depth of your piece.

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