TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Rainbows In The Water

Rainbows in the water
Rippling around you
An impossible vision
Of what life is to be.

Rain drizzles down the walls
Of forgotten closets,
Until the water runs clear.
Colorless. May we finally see.

Fascinations over come us
Intensity wavering morals.
Fortitude crumbling in the sheets
Silk you, silk us.

Saliva trails of mystery
Raised and pink, full.
We found each other again
In perfect love and perfect trust.

You never fail to read
Between each one of my lines
To soul through me so fluidly
Surely you are not flesh, but wind.

Find yourself somewhere else
Pay no mind to the vision, the dream
Continue to remain oblivious
To the wrong arms you are in.

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