It had just stopped raining
and the sun shone lowly in the sky,
making rainbows in the water spraying
from the wheels that passed us by.

The autumn leaves fell twirling on the wind,
piling high in brick walled gardens,
flying over guarding gates to reach within
and filling the softly flowing gutters to the brim.

The moon smiled faintly, in silver on pale blue,
as darkly fingered clouds briskly floated by,
too hurried to see the shadows that they threw
as they briefly veiled the brightness of the sky.

Then we jumped in muddy puddles,
trying not to splash those that rushed on by,
some of them were bent and huddled
and some saw the starlight that sparkled in our eyes.

It had just stopped raining
and we had rainbows in our minds,
we heard the passersby complaining
as we jumped in all the muddy puddles we could find.

by David Taylor

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