CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Raindrops (C) 12-25-2010

Wait ssh…can you hear it
I’m guessin not
Cause none of em every cries
No smart replies and none of em ever lies
And I’m pretty sure none of em ever dies

Wait..can you see it
I didn’t think so
Cause its in the air
Formed into the clouds
Reflectin the suns glare
Never scared if it’s stuck where you stare
Because it knows that it can land anywhere

Wait *breathe* Can you smell it
Surely it is a relic maybe what Jesus embellished
He could of felt it
So take a whiff of what could be divine refreshment

Wait…can you touch it
Maybe so
The lazy no
A crazy pro may know the feeling
But they labeled the man or lady slow

Take a drink…do you think it’s tasty
This experience isn’t one for the likes of the hasty
See because it took time for the sovereign to grace me
With something that in my mind I figured it hates me

But see we only stand still when we lose hope
And no joke or poke can provoke you to choke on a humorous smoke
It’s all fun and games until reality sets
While you’re in fantasy wishin it wasn’t turnin into reality yet

How do you think the rain feels when the cloud disperses
It can’t rehearse it so it immerses to where the rocky Earth is
Leavin his friends and family knowing it may never know the curses
Laid on to the ones he calls his family but never does it sit cursin
It holds hope and keeps it’s faith and remains an optimist
Seein the world as a metropolis where his hypothesis for phosphorous lacks darkness and is
Totally against everybody’s admonishment
Why can’t we be more like this hydrogen droplet when
It comes to whenever we’re down we have to see the up
And tell the ground we’re ready to fly cause we’ve had enough
See even when the rain falls from the sky it doesn’t see it as it’s end
It stares into the clouds and knows it’ll be back there again

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nice and interesting profile. will surely read some of your poems. take care
I dunno, Corey; comments on syntax are the most legitimate of all comments and yet you won't find many if any even of those here on this site. All us poets are so sensitive, ya know. Should be able to get some legitimate reactions, though. But thanks for asking, anyway. I think your stuff is pretty well balanced and you are fairly upbeat. It shows in your poems. What more could a reader want? And it's good to be spreadable but, Spreadable man, meet the Vertical man. Takes all kinds. PS. You're a lucky poet to be so prolific.
i hope you're not writing your poems from prison. i ain't spreadin' nothin' but BUTTER, and that goes on toast.yeah. i ain't got no problem spreadin' good news once and a while. take care. don't spread yourself too much. i got go now and click my knife before i read another poem.
Thank for giving us a heads up!
hey this one was okay man