Raindrops Keep On Falling

Poem By Cheryl Tutaan

It was raining too hard outside,
Couldn't help but think of you;
You are the loveliest person ever,
That dwells in my heart, taking me out of the blue.

The sound of the rain rhymed sweetly on my ear,
I love you Cheryl, as you whispered my name;
From you the love I've found, striking loudly in my veins,
Singing the love song, strumming my heart deep within.

I do love you too, my lips replied;
As I succumbed to the chill of the night;
The cold breeze filled the air,
Touching the pillow case and linen on my cheeks.

Now the rain has stopped.
I wish I could see the rainbow outside;
But then I startled, It was just a dream beneath the dark sky,
I wish I could kiss you, but we're miles apart.

Tomorrow the sun will shine once again,
I will sleep now with a smile on my face;
Tomorrow I will bring you the love that you painted,
Believe me, I can make it all through the rain.


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