NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

Raindrops On Different Heads

Rains swept along the manicured portico
a breeze that swayed on the tender green
Thunder and tumult of sharp and a heavy rain
On the lawns and pebbles of richness scene

Painters dipped on the pallete for the watered dreams
Poets conjuring words in shadows of soulful pseudonyms
Amidst the strain of complex lyrics the music stirred
The joy unbound to sweep the dreary summer away

The rains created relief for the rich to break away
Enjoying the aroma of brewed tea and intoxicated sway
cuddling up in blankets PRAYING the suns stay away
little luxury in seeming endless tryst with pointless getways

The rains also intruded on the slums filth nearby
battering on fragments of crumbling walls and rusted tin sheets
fear of floods driving the urchins, their belongings and beloved away
Poetry, paintings and music drowning in disastrous heartbeats

It lashed and it whipped and flooded the vast slums nearby
For the cries and slush on the pallette of stampede and blood
in the music and wails of orchestra in the lyrics of urban disaster
as the rains swept away away the roots of hope and life thereafter

Clutching on tiny branch the mother protected her two tiny kids
Praying from being swept away in the whirlpool of hopless death
Thunder &tumult of heavy rain on crumbling walls & rusted tin sheets
PRAYERS from different hearts as raindrops fell on different heads

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