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Raining Heart
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

Raining Heart

It’s raining once again on a summer’s day
I look out the window and see the same thing
People walking and talking going on with their day
I hate this so lonely feeling that has grabbed hold of me
Give me the energy to carry on and open up my heart.
Walking alone on the beach and watching the waves
I see loving people and families happy as can be,
I see them holding hands or playing on the sand.
I smile with tears that come running down like rain
The rain is slowly coming down so no one will see,
I feel like I a sinking slowing in the quick sand
This loneliness is slowly, very slowly killing me.
I am heavy I am weary I can’t seem to think very clearly
I run and hide I don’t know why as I am lost in a crowd.
I go home feeling the same as every day alone
I cuddle up on the sofa and wish for another day,
that my love will hold me and say welcome home.

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