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Raining Lust
(1969 / North Dakota)

Raining Lust

Poem By Bryan Altendorf

Flashing by a glimpse of craving
The hope of lovers wet with dew
Drizzling tiny droplets of longing
Steaming up their wants in a fog,
A mist… A haze of passion
Trickling down their skin
Seeping into their very being
Clouds emitting sprinkles of libido
Dripping with feelings and emotions
Pitter, patter… Pitter patter

Cracking down a deafening cry of willingness
The winds gust and the clouds release
Pouring out a need to touch
Immersing themselves into each other arms
They are drowning by floods of kisses
Splashing up feelings of emotion
Engulfed by showers of want
Soaking up by the urge’s of desire
Their excitement is more than a disturbance
It’s a storm

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