CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

Raining Pain

Thought’s of everything pouring down
On me, and the hatred that I hold,
All that I hate raining down upon me.
Thoughts of death and hate crawl through me.

Everything is so overwhelming, and I need you,
For you can subdue it before it explodes within me.
All of my crying and all of my despair means nothing
Unless you can save me.

Everything that’s left in me, says I can’t believe
This happened to me. I think it will all burn,
But still don’t leave me alone. The hatred,
Is pouring all around me, But I won’t just
Let it lie there, it will all burn in flame
I’ll try to fix this but truly, I am so through.

Clayton J. Young

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your a great writer! ! ! i can relate to you in sooooo many ways, we should talk. My name's kira Orlando, you should read my poem reliving this pain. tell me what you think