Rainy Day At Your Place

Pull me toward you
Look me in the eyes
Lean in
Go for the kill

You know you like it
Go for seconds
Hold me close
Pull me up

Slow down
You move too fast
Go slow

I can't do this
This isn't right
Maybe one more time

Kiss my stomach
It sends chills all over
That's what will get me
Thank God you stopped

I'm safe
Safe from my desires
For you
Sorry I must leave
Like this

All turned on
Driving home
Wishing I would've done more
But glad I didn't

You have a tug-of-war
Going on in my mind
One minute you're winning
The next my conscience is winning

My desire is still in contact
With you
It may always be
Who knows
Can't wait to see
What happens next.....

by Jessica Post

Comments (1)

Oooh, you are cruel to yourself lady! I look forward to when the next rains come... Sxx