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Rainy Day Car Troubles

Standing in the pouring cold rain,
lost all hope to ever get lunch
looking worse than a drowned rat
really cold and alone

then as if you were sent to me
you try your hardest to get the car to run
while you give me your coat
your smile warming me up

eventually you give up and we go inside
I'm still hungry, but at this point don't care
your coat keeps me warm and I give it back
reluctant, something telling me I'll never see you again

and I don't see you again,
but I won't forget the way you made me feel
so warm, so beautiful, so happy
when I was cold and such a miserable mess

by wild fire

Comments (2)

A beautiful poem portraying this sweet memory perfectly... these moments are what makes up our lives and they are worth writing about!
I like this slice of life, a simple act that touched your heart, remembered, and shared. It is those simple kind acts of love in life that are the best. Thanks.