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Rainy Day Tears
TN (July 16th,1989 / Seattle, WA)

Rainy Day Tears

Poem By T.C. Nyxx

Never have I seen such a grey sky,
There are too many rain clouds,
Hidden in the darkness of night,
It reminds me of love running out,
Grey clouds that used to be white,
Warm nights when I was held tight,
Then your arms just seemed to disappear,
Replaced by rainy day tears,

Read my mind,
Between the lines,
The tear stains on my cheeks,
Does crying make me weak?
I cry as long as the clouds,
The rain just keeps coming down,
I don't know how this helps,
Rainy day tears don't melt,

But there's been too many times,
I never thought of being accused,
Though I wish I had never tried,
I wish I never tried to love you,
I knew I was gonna get hurt,
Shouldn’t be thinking of you
Rainy day tears don't lie,
I miss you and that’s the truth,

It's called leaving,
For more than just a day,
Don't expect me to be back,
Without traces of tears on my face,
I just don't need another chance
Because I know we won't last,
A tired love built on lonesome fear,
But I have to escape these rainy day tears.

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