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Raise That Voice

You can’t get rid of me
that easy,
you’ll need a machete
cuz this world can be petty
and I’ve always been ready
since 19 lifetimes ago
when White Man came
and stole my name
and I retain my Shaman flame
with the interior altar
I carry with me.

I pour my libation
on the mountains of consummation
from Machu Picchu to Shaolin.
I repent my sins
to balance Yang and Yin
and I will raise my voice
cuz I got no choice.

So many souls crying.
So many leaders lying.
So many moneys buying.
And angels crash and burn
when we refuse to Learn
how to speak out
how to reach out.
So raise that voice.

If you can’t stand the spice,
get outta my Kitchen
cuz I’m on a mission of friction
and I ain’t got time for lies.
I will bring the world’s perdition
to all eyes’ vision
till truth is told
and wings unfold
in the trance
of the recalcitrance
teaching us how to hold
Each Other
against the struggle

So raise that voice
till we Rejoice
and we are moist
with the cum that comes
when we return
to Where we came from.
And reach the unreachable
in ancient
risk rituals
where we Embrace the energy
of the candid intuition
and let our Freedom
come to fruition
cuz it is our breath,
it is our depth.

So raise that voice
for all to Experience
and bring us back
to our Affection ambience.

by paz paulsensacks

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