Straight Edges, & Memories

Tears streem down her cheeks,
as the straight edge dances along
her skin. The inner core wins. 'I must
have been blind, ' she says out loud.
'Where did I go wrong? Where did I
screw up and go down the wrong path? '
She silently remenises of dark nights,
and drunken fights, Cries of why, and
fake smiles. The blood stings and brings
her back, her bloody reflection in the
tiny peice of metal. 'is this what I've become?
Why? Where am I goin? Someone please
tell me. I've messed up and at times I don't
deserve forgivness. But I just need to know,
If I have a different future.. I know I have a choice,
but it's not that simple for me.' she cries and
thoughts fill her mind. things she has
observed and memories that make her cry harder.
Shes lost in it all.

by Jessica Elizondo

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