After the month of Rajab and The month of Shaban, Immediately comes the Blessed Month Of Ramadan to cheer up our minds and Our hearts greatly and wonderfully... Ramadan, The holy fasting Month knocks at our Doors announcing a lot of pretty things... We enthusiastically keep waiting for This holy month to live it Together with everyone around us... The pretty Month of Ramadan is greatly, Wonderfully, and brilliantly different in All that it contains... Ramadan greatly starts with the crescent's Appearance and it expires with The crescent's disappearance... All fasting faithfuls willingly start Performing fasting and other performances From its A to its Z beautifully... Fasting gathers and never separates Simply because all are equal, Poor or rich... We all love the pretty month of Ramadan and Its days and its nights greatly and wonderfully... Although in some places it's hot or it's very cold In some places, but All fasting people are greatly eager to go ahead To perform fasting willingly... Sick-people or those who travel longer distances Are exempted from performing fasting... Ramadan the pretty month of goodness, generosity, and All that is wonderful... We are all eager to meet with this coming Ramadan Greatly and wonderfully... Indeed we all love the pretty month of Ramadan... ______________________________________________________________________


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