Ramadan And After

Each year
It appears
To purify
And for us to apply

The soul must dip
And keep
Pure spirit
For all of us to greet

It is holier than holy
Be near to almighty
Keep fast
And last

It shall take you
With meaningful truth
You shall hear plight of thousands
Calling from dead end

Wish for them happiness
Give them no more chases
Donate liberally when month is over
They wait for your money cover

More you purify
And satisfy
With closeness to God
You shall feel no load

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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welcome Tarun H. Hasmukh Mehta Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
Malik Zafar Thanks Sir, yes the month of Ramadan to purify hearts and soul. Wish we apply it in our lives for ever. Unlike · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs
welcome alina mastyaga n keshav ghosh Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
welcome Scott Ransopher, Kavari Yadav and Megha Shukla like this. Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
Ramadhan Mubarak! ! ! ! May the blessing's of Ramadhan fill your life. 3 hours ago by Seema Chowdhury | Reply
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