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Ramayan Part 06 -Viswamitra's Cottage

Viswamitra and the two princes spent,
On the bank of Sarayu river, that night,
And it was here they were taught,
Mantras “Bala and Atibala” to chant.

The mantras were to guard them,
Both from fatigue and harm,
They slept at the bank that night,
And went ahead by day light.

Crossing the Ganga river, they
Passed a long winding way,
Thro’ the dark dense forests,
Full of trees and beasts.

“This is the Dandaka forest,
Where Thataka, the worst
Demon, with her monster son,
Mareecha frightened everyone.”

“Don’t think she’s a woman,
She’s but a terrible demon,
Kill her at once, with no mercy,
For she’s our worst enemy.”

“For the sake of human safety,
It’s the king’s bounden duty,
To kill an attacking wild animal,
Male, female, or criminal.”

By then, Thataka came there,
And there was an encounter.
As a death-blow to the monster,
Ram’s deadly arrow pierced her.

“What shall I do, in return,
For all that you have done?
Take these weapons deadly,
For your offensive use timely.”

With these words, Viswamitra
Taught the use of every Astra,
And led them to his Ashram,
Which was silent and calm.

The ceremony went on,
Till the sixth day morn,
When a sign of demon,
O’er the sky was seen.

The sky was dark suddenly,
When there came openly,
Mareecha and Subahu,
The demons overhead flew.

Hundred miles far away,
Mareecha was hurled away,
By Ram’s powerful weapon,
That frightened this demon.

Subahu was killed then,
And the rest, one by one,
Pierced by His arrows sharp,
Thus he kept his words up.

It was a great success,
To complete the sacrifice,
And happy was the sage
At young Ram’s courage.

What for Ram was born?
Not that, it was unknown,
To the Sage’s foresight,
Yes, to restore what was right!

Towards the city of Mithila,
Where the mighty king Janaka,
Was to perform a sacrifice,
He led them both in silence.

(Ashram = Cottage)
(Asthra = weapons)

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