Family Values

They love each other and their children but they studiously ignore
The poor old one in her mid eighties their near neighbour who lives next door
To her they feel so much superior in their eyes she's an old faded rose
Human beings can be so hypocrtical that's human life one would suppose.

Society promotes good family values but in their set of values inclusion they do not include
You must be a good family person but to your neighbours 'tis okay to be rude
'Tis okay to ignore an old lady in her twilight years wrinkled and gray
If she falls ill we might have to help her and for us that would be going out of our way.

Good family values just one set of values it doesn't say much for the person you are
If you do not pick up your aged neighbour who is carrying her shopping as you arrogantly drive by in your car
Your family and small circle of friends to you only important all others to nothing amount
But to those genuinely true to the higher principles everyone they know of to them count.

You are one of good family values you love your children and your wife
And though these values are quite important there are other values in life
You ignore your poor aged neighbour to her you never once did say
Can I do something for to help you and society sees you as okay.

by Francis Duggan

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