Ramayan Part 10 - The Queen Kaikeyi's Demands

Manthara’s influence was total,
Her words, one way, sounded real,
So thought Kaikeyi, the queen,
But how to execute their plan?

Kaikeyi became very serious,
Why his promises previous
Dasaratha conveniently forgot?
She once again deeply thought.

She wasn’t, by now, confused,
Her love for Ram vanished,
Her pity for Bharata doubled,
Her action plan then followed.

Lay on the floor with unkempt hair,
Her jewels scattered on the floor,
Flowers Strewn every where,
She awaited Dasaratha's arrival there.

The happy news to share with her,
The king came running there,
But saw her in a gloomy mood,
Which made him think no good.

With soft words, he consoled her,
Gifts and boons, he promised her,
She was his heart, he told her,
To fulfil her desires, be whatever.

She was so serious in her talk,
That he wasn’t sure to make,
What she would like to ask?
His face became pale and sick.

She told him in clear words,
Rama’s exile to Dandaka woods,
Bharata to be crowned as king,
The boons on him were binding.

Dasaratha was thunder struck,
His promises, he now should stick,
He was caught in a tricky trap,
Wherefrom there was no escape.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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