Ramayan Part 11 - Dasaratha's Appeal To Kaikeyi

From the shock Dasaratha came out,
At Kaikeyi, he shouted first,
“Are you a devil or a demon,
Or destroyer of my royal clan? ”

“How can I banish Ram,
And stay here calm?
How can I remain alive?
Will Kausalya survive? ”

“More than your son, Bharata,
Didn’t you love your Rama?
It’s not your plan, I’m sure,
Someone spoiled you, it’s true.”

“You spoke no unworthy word,
Till now no rough talk I heard,
What was your Ram’s fault,
To give him this kind of jolt? ”

“I beg you, ask something else,
Better use your good sense,
And save me from the sins
Of violating my promises.”

“Who corrupted your noble mind?
Why you’re so heartless, now I find?
Will Bharata sit on the throne
Once your Ram is gone? ”

“When Ram goes out,
I’m sure to die first.
Then Kausalya, his mother,
Is that what you wish for? ”

“You’ll carry other’s blame
For your heartless crime,
Nothing you’ll be able to gain,
Except your downfall with pain.”

“Oh night, please stay on,
To avoid the day dawn,
For how can I face my people
Awaiting this coronation festival?

“No, let the night depart at once,
So I see not this sinful woman’s face,
After years of prayer and penance,
I had my Ram by the God’s grace.”

“My love, take this kingdom as yours,
But see that the coronation goes,
With your hands let Ram be crowned,
So your name goes up in the world.”

“Do this, my love, my life,
I took you as my beloved wife,
“Cause of your matchless beauty,
I fell for, which kept me happy.”

All these appeals didn’t work,
To her demands, Kaikeyi stuck.
Further talk he found useless.
At last, he fell unconscious.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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