Ramayan Part 13 - Lakshman Follows Ram To The Forest

Ram bowed before Kausalya, his mother.
She heard the command of his father.
Thro’ words, it can’t be expressed,
How she felt very much distressed?

It was like an ear-piercing thunder,
That deafened her ears forever.
She embraced Ram and cried,
Why still she lived, better died?

By now erupted the hot volcano,
The fiery Lakshman shouted, “No,
You’ll defy father’s command,
Your holy rights we shall demand.”

“What moral right he had,
To send you to the wood,
On a wicked woman’s word
Why this old man should yield? ”

“While the younger brother, a king,
Oh mother, what an ugly thing
The eldest goes to forest for a living
And run for his daily food begging? ”

“Let us overthrow, my brother,
This mad king, the dotard of a father,
Give me your kind permission,
I’ll put down all the opposition.”

“Single handed I shall fight,
To claim your legitimate right,
Will people praise us for cowardice meek,
Or, will Ayodhya our brave resistance seek? ”

“I can’t stand any more this injustice,
There’s no use, our now being nice,
The strength of my arm, mother
You’ll see, also you my brother.”

His words came to her as a solace,
But she was afraid on the surface
Over his talk of ousting the king,
And the throne thereafter seizing.

“With our enemies how can I stay?
Leaving me alone, if you go away,
Consider over Lakshman’s say
Yes, I feel, there’s no other way.”

She was pleading Ram to remain.
And said this again and again.
Ram patiently listened to them,
But stood stead fast and firm.

“You should help, Oh mother,
Our distressed old father,
Your life in the jungle,
Will be full of struggle.”

”Lakshman, control your anger,
I doubt not your prowess or valour,
As you’re my heart and soul.
Know this throne isn’t my goal.”

“Whatever be the reason,
It’ll be an act of treason,
To fight with our father,
O’er his will and pleasure.”

“Our father’s promise given,
It’s my duty, as his loyal son,
At any cost, to fulfill the same,
To keep high his honor and name.”

“Angry we shouldn’t be
With Kaikeyi whatever be
Her side of claims or desires
For her kindness all these years.”

“Destiny played its tricky hand,
Kaikeyi fell for its command,
Once succumbed, as its virtual tool,
Blinded by its stern control.”

“Let us not blame any one,
What shall happen do happen,
As a king, for me, what joy is there,
Bharata and father once disappear.”

Lakshman grew calm by now.
Ram convinced him somehow,
And wiped out his bursting tears.
Yes, Ram’s touch works wonders.

Lakshman was hot ever,
And Ram cold and hot never.
But still they lived inseparable
As pairs, the most lovable.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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