Extra Extra

read all about your own shit.

and leave me the hell out of it-

and FYI
that political
front page
seattle times defining case document

nearly got me killed

yet no name needed-
mine not even uncovered nor the larger underlying issue
of a man


Mr. Militech
are you screwing king county?

or just me and my life
or just myself rather

and FYI i do not know ERIC POWERS
but i do know someone that does

and while you write to slander me further
i do want to mention i appreciate your not using the label victim
but rather SEATTLE WOMAN... but now that i am no longer in Seattle-do you mind calling me individual?

shame on you Mr. REPORTER were you too mis informed?

never again-please

you made my New Years Eve
a night of terror and
well who cares more

all i really remember is honestly feeling very
not just for me, but for all that were mentioned

and that was just as my 'boyfriend' Big started
screaming without end

'if i am going down, i am taking you with me'

as my eyes rolled left
torwards water
i found a place
one i rarely find now-
and i could hear my inner voice say

yeah good.luck-
try it-i will 'win'
a win being in survival
and thats just what i did-

as for him-
my assumption
is that he is

words find me
words do not find me
but sadness

the truth about this man
and just how he
was made to corrupt

maybe did not start
as i like to believe it did
and then again maybe it did-

Questions like those find tears and understanding
and i do not want to find
that kind of understanding

i want to be me
a self i was before
a part of something more
a better recall
of a life which was once
and now is more-

and i wonder
yes i do
is there something more that i was suppose to do?
what found me in this place
and what was it that found he there too?

Just point the finger from North back to the 'king'
and ask him

was Starrett meant to be your Queen?

by Necessary No Name

Comments (2)

Heavy. I thought only Californian cowboys had dissident literary tastes...
Nice ending Paul. It certainly is a Ramblin Cowboys lament. Nice descriptive piece. I like the accent. 10 from giddy up Cowboys on her mind, Tai