(25th March 1943 / )

Rambling Dan

I'm Rambling Dan, I'm a gambling man,
I travel, no base, temptations I face,
I'm sharp on a wager, to win something major,
I have what it takes, and risk very high stakes.

A spin of the wheel, such excitement I feel,
The pull of the baize, one could never erase,
At a race I will bet, and a place I will get,
It's the thrill of the game, which still lights a flame.

I'm a winner you see, it's the sinner in me,
A roll of the dice, is enough to suffice,
It's a drug that I crave, with me now, to the grave,
I'm a gambling man, I'm Rambling Dan.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (4)

Lovely rhythmic quaility demonstrated in this fast flowing poem. A great poem Ernestine. Love, Andy xx
Rambling is questionable, as this is right on track, as for the gambler, well who knows I know someone who suffers from this addition, many years, much money little winnings Still a well put together piece Ours for the rescuing, thats a Ten Love Duncan X
Delightful story with splendid rhyme! Patricia Gale