Poem Hunter
Ramblings For Two
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Ramblings For Two

...you would have to specify
which thoughts from which
temporary state of mind you
would like to be exposed to.

YOU know many of my thoughts
especially since they are not all
that difficult to recognise, they are
strangers to covertness and sometimes,
they are as close to straightforward as
THEY dare and I let them be, but
they are happy to introduce themselves.

I could not tell you all my thoughts,
even the ones from a brief thought process
containing YOU, but I think we may be
doing okay with snippets.At times,
words may come across in a manner
not intended but it is not intentional,
perhaps it is because we are still
relatively 'new to each other', even though,
to me it feels as if I had known you for eons,
and if this is not the case
HOW did I get on without you?

So, I won't mention the song
'You are always on my mind'
or other volatile stuff.
You are sleeping well I hope,
den Schlaf der Gerechten.

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Beautiful poem Herbert. Sincerely, Mary