To see reality for what it is
one needs not only eyes,
but sharpened ears.
And if those very organs,
by way of inbuilt quality,
can be relied upon to show
the dirt as well as all the glitter
that man is fond of and demands
while he is present on this earth
they need protection for themselves
and for the spirit of the soul,
which is, above all other things,
a thickened skin of rhino type.

Well, that I have, it's served me well
and gets more layers as it ages,
though disappointment is a force
that penetrates the walls of Troy.
Without resorting to a horse.
So, how refreshing to receive
a veritable little flood,
from unexpected sources here,
and praise to those who still can speak.
So, at last count, there are eleven,
not counting our group of four,
who feel the need to state their case,
if only in the shades of night.
I thank you only for your words
which do identify all those
who hang on to integrity
and wear a face that is their own.

Please do not rate

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Herbert, I really enjoyed this. You convey your thoughts so well and so eloquently. My vote would be 10 but I will respect your wishes and refrain this time. SG
Sonja, as you well know, this poem is not worth a ten, it is just rambling. What did you mean by 'you have already rated '? There are 2 tens, was one from you? I didn't think so. I wish we could eliminate the numbers altogether. Lare, yes I have a few degrees, but I need more wisdom and am running out of years to acquire it. H
Herbert...your words say it so well...very well said, my friend...you are not only, in my humble opinion, a very excellent poet...but a fine educator...is this why Dr. preceedes your name? Just curious... Just me, Lare
well you have already rated so.. it willl always remain a ten then?