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# Ramesh-Raju Series(Limerick)

# Ramesh-Raju Series(Limerick)

RR(Ramesh, Raju)Poems
About the brothers Ramesh(elder, soft and shy)
and Raju(younger, rude and bold) , their naughty play and pranks
on each other

1 # Shunned Mimicry

Ramesh mimicked howl of dog for fun
Dog by the door started barking then
"Barking dogs do not bite"
Raju set for a fight
Ramesh stopped howls once for all to shun

2 # Angel Fight

Ramesh had an angel dream that night
Himself became an angel outright
Brother Raju saw this
Chased to slash Ramesh's wings
Ramesh woke up sharp in awful fright

3# There Came A Kitten

There came a tiny kitten mewing
Ramesh came with milk himself mewing
Raju saw this and planned
Kitten to flee far banned
He ordered his mouth to keep barking

4# Below Normal

Ramesh had fever above normal
Took medicines to become normal
But downed below normal
Dad asked "is it normal? "
Raju said"always below normal"

5 # Above Normal

Season changed, Raju caught high fever
cried, yowled, shouted out of high fever
Dad asked"still high fever? "
Ramesh with fake valour
Said"yes, above normal like ever"

6 # Monkey On The Mango Tree

Ramesh climbed up that big mango tree
Caught him Raju mocked "monkey, monkey"
Ramesh too cried "Raju
A monkey behind you"
False, but feared Raju readied to flee

7 # An Issue Began

Ramesh talks in sleep and talked that night
Awake Raju atonce set a fright
He talked in Ramesh's voice
Ill of their dad's bad poise
Next day a fight just began forthright

8# Set Back

"Safe is to confess and surrender"
Ramesh told Raju on his blunder
"Yes admit my mistake
Surrender to set back..."
Paused Raju..then told, "a fresh blunder"

9# You And Me

"Two opposites are glued together"
Ramesh was reading with much vigour
Raju came with much josh
Sat too glued with Ramesh
Just to spoil Ramesh's reading vigour

10 #No Feeling

"Killing mosquitoes is very bad"
"No way Ramesh, no need to feel sad"
"I agree with you dad"
Raju poked in so mad
To say"if you die will they feel sad? "

11# A Vow On The Carrom Board

"I should win first of all" each one vowed
"What you each wish for others? "dad asked
Each one wished "good luck", but
Raju alone said, "just
For how many bucks should I lose dad? "

12#....So Is The Son

"Ramesh should improve his handwriting"
And Raju, study well, stop fighting"
No sooner dad said it
Than Raju stood to hit
"Dad, first you should stop this way biting"

13 #They Are Grown

Now that they're grown, their pranks too all changed
Though Ramesh has becomemore matured
Raju remains naughty
That he calls mom sweetie
Mom shouts"all those nasty books you read? "

14# Tit For Tat

Old grandma, sick daddy to be cared
So Ramesh too along with them spared
Went out to a movie
Raju and mom carefree
Fooled them the rest, to else movie dared

15 # Who Is That Honey

"Except Ramesh all else shouts at me
So I love him more than my honey"
When Raju said all urged
"Who's that honey" they asked
Raju said"my future wife, honey"

16 #So He Said

"If you don't study well I can't spend"
Dad said "Raju, no money, do mind"
"Yes dad, you need not spend
"Ramesh will aid and fund"...
Ramesh to find a way now to mend

Later He And He Said

" I simply said Ramesh" so said dad
"Didn't mean to hurt Raju"so said dad
Then came Raju and said
"Ramesh, I simply said"
"Didn't mean it".No more was Ramesh sad

17 # Ha Ha Ha...

"It happens only sometimes"dad said
"Yes, just sometimes, sometimes"Raju said
Ramesh too said"sometimes"
Mom asked"what's that sometimes"
"Hey, on...ly some...times you laugh" dad said

Ha Ha Ha...

"It happens on...ly some...times, some...times"
Mom retorted shouting in irked rhymes
All asked "what's that some...times"
"No thought even some...times
On how Raju gets through just some...times"

18 # Atlast

What made him change, Ramesh only knows
On studies Raju agreed to focus
Teachers for all subjects
Taught him all the subjects
What made him change, Ramesh only knows

Atlast Raju joined the college and
Dad and mom turned calm no more bothered
But secret was disclosed
How Raju was paid closed
With ten percent from teachers' fee swiped

19# As Days Passed

The money scandal soon all forgot
Except grandma who worried a lot
She told Raju one day
"Be good or simply stray
But get married soon, learn life is what"

That just provoked a fire of fury
When Raju decided to marry
"No joke, you need to earn "
Dad said with a face stern
"First studies"Ramesh said in hurry

Raju answered in gentle voice now
"To all your advices I do bow"
"First studies, then job, then
Ramesh's marriage, then mine"
He smiled.Sighed of relief, all said WoW!

20# All's Well Now

That Raju has promised to be good
Grandma too is changed to a new mood
She loves Raju too much
Laughs too much, hugs too much
She says "all's well now, no need to brood"

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It's a beautiful Limeric! Enjoyed the humor..thanks dear madam for sharing! Pray God bless you always