Ramona 007

Get ready
Get set
For a new girl like no other
Hotter than any other before her
Gonna that Bond man a run his money
Kissing, thrilling and killing her way
To the very top of the spy heap
Get ready world for....
Ramona 007

High heeled heavenly angel
Hiding a devious devil within
Perfect to the core
Nothing fake
All natural and very very handy with a gun
Any kind of gun
If you know what I mean
Watching her swish that sweet behind on by
Ramona 007 in midnight black velvet dress

Temptress red lipstick
Waiting between red satin sheets
With a hot smile and only the very best coldest champage
Whispering that she's never been this far before
A virgin in almost every way
Too late
Should't have ever believed
A super bad spy girl's lying ruby kissed lips of....
Ramona 007
Bond James Bond's secret weapon of mass seduction tonight

No denying
More than any other you've even seen or touched
You want what's she's got
All the sweet secrets
Warm, moist and oh so very inviting that she's been hiding
A rare beauty
An amazing untold treasure of priceless value
All underneath the silky smoothless of her
Thompson, Ramona Thompson

Otherwise known as....
Shh! Don't tell!
Super spy.....

by Ramona Thompson

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