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Becky Ginn (19/03/91 / Salford)

Random! !

Beyond the stars of malevolence and the souls of a beckoning wrath
Come home to the voice, for it is calling
Treading forever through this cold plane
The journey takes me to a realm of dismay

A fading light kneels to the shadow
The Manifesting darkness surrounds the lost
All have gathered towards this alter of deconstruction
Awaiting the final step in a silencing night
The beacon quakes as the voices rise
chanting of a misanthropic tongue seems unbarring

The ears of puritanical creations bleed
Their screams piercing the divine
The alter reveals the machine
Architecture of the Apocalypse
The destruction device engages in a flaming fury
Powered by a lie
A vortex of blood and corpses
The nightmare has awakened
The final judgment of innocents and deceivers

Witness the genocide of our God
Bear the marks of the fallen prophet
The stigmata brings remembrance
Forever scarred we shall never awaken
Nothingness surrounds the fallen

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