What Day Is It

What day is it
Is it the day were i empty a clip
What day am i living in
Can any body tell me, come on friend

I need to know what day it be
Is time for me to Rest in Piece
Or is it a normal day for me
what day can it be maybe some time in spring

Is it my birthday
It can't be never mind i don't know what day it could be
Maybe it's my time to die
Just maybe its my day to have some babys

Is my death day
Is it my rebirthday
Is it just my birthday
Maybe its Saturday

I wonder and ponder on what day it is
Do i have any kids
No way i used a magnum
So what day is it

I Know its my day to change my life
I'm ready God to clense my soul again
We can be best freind tell my life comes to an end
It's Tuesday remember this day everybody


by phillip dalsing

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Anita, well written piece. Moste enjoyable. Ian