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Random Thoughts Of You
KR (August 5th 1989 / Toledo)

Random Thoughts Of You

Last night I cried,
For you my love,
I'm sorry for everything,
Everything you've gone through,
Everything i did.
I never meant to hurt you,
With words you found unkind,
In all seriousness,
I'm so afraid to lose,
My sanity, my everything,
I'm afraid of losing you.
Those unkind words,
Are my stubborness,
I don't like being pushed over,
It makes me feel so weak,
When i try to be so strong.
I feel responsible,
For all your hurt,
Like I should have stopped it.
I just want to hold you close,
Until it all just dissapears,
If I could,
I'd hold you forever,
Thats all I need from you.

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