Poem By Mikel Calcagno

Excavate my life in the sand
Impelled my feelings in my hand
Experience liberty thru the design of PAIN
Pervade thru a world that casts away my faith...

Reluctantly I wait for the refulgent sun to fall
So I can set my vigilant eyes in the STARS
Patiently I wait for the sinuous wind, I raise my arms, and I pray it'll blow me away
Just take me to a place where my fantasies can take wing and where my subliminal images can OVERBURDEN my pain...

Extricate the dirt I've shoveled in
Purify all the messes that I've made
Sanctify my imperfections so the children can learn
To fall is to live and to live is to burn...

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On my way home, police car pulled me over.
After they left, I puttered out of gas.
Triple-a’ came, but my card was expired!
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like an angel i would move the arrow


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1. I'M Alone 2. I Miss Alisha...3.Comment This! ! ! !

I light another melted candle
Stop to think about anything worth thinking of
Come to no conclusions
Take each step as it comes


She met a razor blade with an ambiguous look in her eyes
She amorously succumbed her every thought as it catered itself to her pain
Each scar she made cut with an artful dexterity
The monument she created douse in her pain