JSO (02/01/1968 / Indiana)

Rantings Of A Man In Church

I ask myself 'how did I deserve you? '
I ask and you give.
I stumble, but you hold me up.

What is a greater gift,
then the one who stays in good and bad.
Of all Gods gifts,
Companionship is one of the greatest.

I cry and you comfort me.
I look for strength, and you pray for me.
I long for tender touch and you embrace me.

God was so wise,
to see mans greatest need.
Of all Gods gifts,
The power of love is one of the greatest.

When I am lonely you stand beside me.
I fall in despair, but you give me hope.
I search for love, and it pours out from you.

On the seventh day,
God created man.
Then came the greatest miracle of all,
God blessed man with a strong woman.

by Jara Son of Ahaz

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The words of a man who appreciates what he has.No man is or can be complete without his helpmeet