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Rap 11/2/09
KE ( / Tucson)

Rap 11/2/09

I ain't got anything if I ain't got you
Is what I believe Alicia said
That's only why she could only have said
Those words that so are unsaid
Since I ain't got you I ain't got anything
Is what is meant?
I got things but they ain't as important
Like all our arguments

Why life cant be as sweet
as the heart buried beneath
like the Family Business beat

This is something we can not defeat.

And I go on threw my life
With something you gave me, was it pride?
Or was it something more that a lie, Something more hard to hide.
The tears inside, oh so hard to cry
This is why I cant go a day with out something stupid to say
Something stupid like 'go away', Things cant breezeway
That's more then what I wanted to say
good day good day I say before you threw me away

Every night I look out side to see the moon
Are you looking at the same thing as me
Are you thinking about the same thing as me
Can you please tell me the truth
So I can set my heart free

Ever since you left
with the Rugrats on
you'll be coming home
with the TV off

Wait, there is no home
there is only walls
put together
with thicker stone

She lived here alone all lifelong,
sitting here just writing this song
You left her with the feelings of no belong
don't think I'm gonna sing the same song
You would have thought she would have forget
Every time you got brought up
by others she'd get upset
Wow don't you have some regrets

I guess there is more important thing then me
and my existence to you
And I cant go on with a smile
With the fact you left me
Don't you see what you put me threw?

Now she sits her with no trust In anybody
Wipping all the dust off everybody
Going threw old things and new things
with the advisery of nobody

shes been waiting more since august
Thinking about the what if's
Try to stay the strongest,
But its hard when your just the youngest

Durring these time, needing someone to talk to
Feeling more alone then the years before
Thats why shes so sour at these times
Thats why she crys hours at these times

Once you come she wont know how to deal
Still beileveing to herself this is so unreal
But we will see what we were waiting for
Once you come theres no wait no more

I guess theres more to
just living with out you

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