Rap For The Gods

a young mother crying out her last diamant tears
as the state takes her kid because of the addiction
the kid screams out the pain, as the sky does when its bleeding out the rain
daddy is not around, hes been locked up and been left behind
this kid is fucked from the first breathe he ever took
in the eyes of the state, they think they can re-create a fairy tale
so what is a kid supposed to do when suffering is all he knows
he hides his scars in his soul hes out before the whistle blows
now he take his rims and his flow and letting it all out on the shows
letting it all out to the crowd, hearing em scream
get the message out that anything is possible as long as you have a dream
he doesnt sing about putting the boom in the bang
he grew up and became his own man

by Evil Angel

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