TOS (i have died a long time ago, yet i still walk in the living / I was born in darkness)


Darkness befalls in the night
As we walk with a little light
We walk with light under fear
Afraid and alone as we don't hear
Sounds and noise are heard around us
But they are not normal
And thus
We are surrounded by men
more then 3 surround us like we are prey
As we see lust in their eyes
They get closer from behind
'You call yourself humans, more like animal! '
'No sister, more like monster'
But that didn't stop them
This is not what we planed
We are losing hope
Disgusting arm take hold of me
And throw me down as I bleed
They hold my sister to watch
As how he thrushes in me and bunch
Tears of pain fall of my cheeks
With each trust I become weak
The voice of my sister is so far
Yet I can see her near me
My dear sister to see
What they have done to me

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Its wvaary touching, I hope that didn't happen. Reminds me of someone cclose to my heart.
very very moving. wonderful writing, althought i hope it is fiction, i really do.