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Shes sound asleep in the middle of the night but awakes cause something doesnt feel right. She gets up to turn on the light but someone hits her in the head so she cant put up a fight.
As her body falls to the floor. He quietly locks her bedroom door. He looks at her like shes his little wh@re. He doesnt realize shes only thirteen barely even old enough to be called a teen. Its the best body hes ever seen.
So he ties her mouth and her hands so if she wakes up she cant ruin his plans. She starts to awake as hes pulling off her pants. She begins to struggle stop moving he rants. She tries to scream but she cant make a sound. As he starts to rape her violently on the ground. When he finishes he pulls out a knife and stabs her to end her life...
As he leaves he doesnt notice that she still breathes.
Somehow she gets out of the rope barely clinging on with not much hope. She then blacks out from loosing to much blood awakening in a hospital warm and not very snug. Her body aches and her chest feels like its on fire. She calls the nurse and the morphine goes higher. She screams for her parents and they soon come. They explain whats happened and whats been done.
Luckily dad heard her scrape on the door. He went to investigate and found her body on the floor. He dialed 911 thinking she was gone but thankfully he was wrong. She survived a puncture wound to her chest. Everyone says shes so blessed. But she feels something she never would of guessed.
All she feels is hate and disdain. She wants to kill the man who put her through so much pain. She vows to get her ultimate revenge. To find the man and murder him
She eventually gets to go back home. Shes not the same shes in her own zone. She can barely go in her room she feels to outa place. If she stays to long she relives the memory and dreams about his face
Five years go by and its still the same dream. Awakening herself with her own screams. She can barely go on so she turns to drugs buying heroin from the local thugs. She begins to shoot up each day. She loves the feeling she wants it to stay. But every time she sobers up. She realizes the drugs are never enough. Never once forgetting her vow. She puts her plans into action of who, what, when, and how.
The mans face is permently burned into her mind so he cant be that hard to find. She goes to a professional sketch artist. She remembers every detail she tries her hardest. He holds up the portrait in the end. She realizes it looks just like him. She holds back her tears. She cant believe how she feels. All the sadness and hate from all these years.
She takes the picture and shows everyone. Nobody knows who he is or what hes done. She gives the pic to her friends on the street. They promise all the information in less than a week. She starts coming up with different ways to kill. Imagining the situation as if it was real. She decides she wants him to be in as much pain as possible. That would be easy but getting away with murder would be the real obstacle.
She decides she doesnt even care if she gets caught. Just killing him shed be happy is what she thought. She gets all her information and all her supplies. Tonight is the night the rapist will die
Somehow she ends up at his house. Quietly making her way inside like a mouse. She finds her way to his bedroom where hes quietly sleeping like she assumed. She approaches his bed with a sedation. She plunges it into his neck without a hesitation. She ties him up and waits for him to awake. She becomes anxious she doesnt know how much longer she can take. Shes been waiting for this moment for so very long. He starts to stir and wonder whats going on.
She looks into his eyes and although it was dim. He recognizes the face and then it hits him. She smiles at him and says its been some time but now its my turn to commit the crime.
Before he could apologize or say a word. She plunges a knife as if it was a sword. Continuously stabbing him more and more. Making the most sickening noise shes ever heard. She didnt realize someone was standing by the door.
She decides to finish him with a gun and finally her job would be done. She puts the gun to his head. Pulls back the trigger and then hes dead.
Daddy! ! ! ! ! a little voice cries. She turns around to see a little girl with tears in her eyes. Shes taken back by the surprise.
It was like a bucket of emotions were spilt. She overestimated herself she couldnt handle the guilt. She picks up the gun and starts to realize all the damage shes done. Realizing she has nothing left. She takes one last breath to say sorry before her death.
In one quick motion she turns the gun to her head. And in a matter of seconds the rape victim is dead. She wanted to get revenge but look where this has lead...
A traumatized little girl with no father and herself with a bullet through her head...

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WOW amazing i felt as tho i was there u captured all the feelings as if u have been thro it well done